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If you unfollow someone on social media, it can be very shameful and insulting and it will be a bad expression on peoples. There are many people in your life, like your juniors or seniors who you follow, But you don’t want to see their posts and stories. But you still follow them because you don’t want to hurt them, And that’s why you didn’t unfollow them on social media, so they don’t feel bad. This year Instagram launched a new feature by seeing the need for peoples and they like it a lot. This feature allows you to mute people, so you didn’t see any post or stories in your newsfeed which they upload but you still follow them. 

In the past two years, Instagram announced that its team is working on launching new features. Last month Instagram launched several new and exciting features and mute is one of the most used features. And this is the most important new feature. Many peoples don’t want to share their personal data. It may be their colleagues, family members, or friends. You do not want to follow them because you are not a big fan of what they post. If you unfollow them it looks like a rude behavior with them, You have to follow them because you don’t want to take a risk to hurt their feelings. Seeing these problems or issues, Instagram provides you a mute feature. People are liking it because now they get rid of junk or unnecessary posts and stories by unfollowing peoples. There are different ways to mute peoples on Instagram.

How to mute someone on Instagram

If you are following someone on Instagram but you want to mute you just need to follow these simple steps given below. 

1: The first step to mute someone on Instagram, First you have to open your Instagram account on Android or IOS.

2: Next you type a username of person in the search bar which you want to mute. 

3: Now you will tap on three-dots present on the top right corner. You will find it easily

4: After tapping on Three-dots, You will see a long list of options.

5: Now look for the mute button and tap on it.

By following these steps, You can easily mute a person that you want.

How to mute someone’s post on Instagram

If you are bored by watching someone a huge number of vacation posts and you want to get rid of it, So you can mute anyone’s story or posts on Instagram. By following very simple and easy steps.

1: Firstly you just have to have to open your Instagram account on your smartphone

2: Now search username of which you want to mute post. After select any post related to that person.

3: Click on Three-dots which is on the top right bottom.

4: There is a list of options that appears in front of you.

5: Now look for a mute option and click on it.

By following these steps you are able to mute anyone post on Instagram.

How to mute someone’s Instagram stories

Most peoples are habitual of posting everything that they do. This is very harsh for some peoples. Because no one is interested in your daily life routine. There are 60% of users on Instagram, who use this platform to promote their business. You can mute get rid of these junk posts by following very simple and easy steps.

1: First you open your Instagram account on your android or iPhone smartphone.

2: Open profile of the person who you want to mute.

3: Now open any post from the profile of your target person, press and hold a pop-up of options will appear in front you.

4: Select the mute button and tap on it.

5: Congrats you successfully muted a person’s daily life routine.

By following these simple steps you can easily get rid of annoying stuff.

How to unmute someone on Instagram

You can also unmute people on Instagram whenever you want to see their stories and posts. There are few and simple ways to unmute peoples on Instagram. Because there are lots of reasons to unmute.

If you have muted someone but you forget the username. There are simple steps that you should do in order to unmute and find out who you have muted.

1: First open your Instagram account 

2: Then click on your profile and then tap on three-lines at the top right bottom

3: Now look for settings and tap on it a list of options will appear in front of you 

4: Now again look for privacy settings after tapping on it, A new list of options appears.

5: Scroll down and tap on (muted accounts) You will a list of peoples, Who you have muted.

By following these simple steps you can unmute anyone. 

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