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We all have heard that people are making money through Instagram. In the past few months, Instagram has become a platform, where you can earn a handsome amount of money. I know you are thinking that you need a huge number of followers to earn money on Instagram, But the truth is you don’t need as many followers. The number of followers also depends on what type of niche you are selling or promoting and how you are running your niche. It can include fashion, beauty, cooking, life hacks, or some other popular categories. If you have a huge amount of followers on Instagram, But they all useless if they don’t respond to your post. In order to earn money from Instagram, You need followers that participate or at least respond to your every single post if they don’t they are almost useless for you, Because of its a natural process that more active followers you have that more revenue you generate.

Celebrities are also making a handsome amount of money on Instagram by posting on Instagram, Because there followers or fans respond to their posts. It has been estimated that the highest-paid celebrity earns approx 2400 dollars on a single post. Same as your income depends on your reputation, Means your active followers are a real source of earning money on Instagram. In case you want to calculate your estimated earnings from your social media accounts, Then you will calculate your engagement rate with your customers. If you don’t know (What is the engagement rate on Instagram) An engagement rate is defined as a person like or comment anytime on of your post. 

How many followers do you need to make money through Instagram

It is very annoying that lots of influencers are making thousands of dollars through Instagram on one post, on another hand we struggle just to raise our engagement rate on daily basis. We all want to be the next Influencer and want to make a huge amount of money to travel the world and eat good food. But it is very hard to achieve to make your account ready for earnings.

If you want to collaborate with brands mostly the first thing that they notice is your number of followers, Because of the number of followers showing at the front of your profile. The number of followers varies from person to person, But the average number of followers should have 1500. 

How can you make money on Instagram through different strategies

Strategy 1: Post sponsored content.

Sponsored post it might be the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about Instagram influencers. In 2019 there were (500,000) active influencers on Instagram. The basic requirement is that you must have a huge number of fan following in simple words, and an impressive engagement rate. This strategy is for those who are good at making strangers be frank on the internet. 

In this strategy, you no need to make a separate platform like e-commerce or fulfill-orders, But you have some experience in digital marketing. It’s all up to you which niche you choose and post about products, services, and brands. If you succeed by sponsoring content, You have to balance between your integrity and your revenue. After you build trust in peoples you begin to grow up.

Here are the steps on how to become an Instagram influencer.

Step 1: Choose a niche.

If you really want to get paid on Instagram. Then you have to choose the right niche because choosing the right niche is a base. Look for the brand, service, and product which attracts you, So you will get interested automatically and you will work hard to promote that niche you choose. 

Step 2: Build trust and grow your audience.

There 81% of Instagram influencers that they have between 15,000 to 100,000 followers. If you think you purchase followers, so you are totally wrong because paid followers don’t respond to your posts they just increase your number of followers. If you want to increase your followers or build trust in your audience, Then you have to rise up your self organically. Commit your self to post consistently and post content that your audience exactly wants.

Step 3: Partner with brands.

Find brands by contacting them directly and tell them what can you offer. But make sure your brand pitch needs to provide complete details of what you are offering.

Strategy 2: Become an affiliate marketer.

This strategy is totally different from the previous one. In this strategy spreading awareness is less and more about making sales. You can only earn If your followers buy your products by clicking on your given link of the product. And also in affiliate marketing, you don’t need to worry about making products and fulfill orders. 

Also, affiliate marketing had a bad reputation because of some scammy promises. 

Affiliate marketing is actually a good and well-established angle on marketing. In this strategy, you will recommend your favorite products like clothes, cosmetics, cameras, tools, and many other products. You upload products on your niche with complete detail about that product and link and sometimes you also give a promo code. The link and promo code both are unique to you. If anyone buys your recommended product by using your given link you will get a revenue percentage on each and every product.

Here are the steps on how to become an Instagram affiliate marketer.

Step1: choose a niche.

Choosing a niche could be different from sponsored content. Sponsored content influencers are more product-focused, While affiliate marketers mention a product and give their reviews. If you just startup, So you have a big chance to grow your self faster then others, Because you have a chance to choose a perfect niche that your audience likes the most.

Step 2: Find merchants to affiliate with.

You can affiliate with one or more brands by posting their products on your account. An affiliate network is a connection between brands that run affiliate programs and marketers like you. This network is designed to provide you a large number of products that you choose from.

Step 3: Post about products.

Post about products means as I already said you write all details related to the product and give their reviews. Also, you give a product link or promo code and this will be unique to you.

Strategy 3: Sell your own products

The third methodology for bringing in cash on Instagram goes past showcasing and into the domain of genuine web-based business.  

As opposed to utilizing your own image to sell others’ items, sell your own. This may be a footstool book of your most famous photographs. Be that as it may, it could likewise be your time and counsel as an advisor; or your top of the line design line. What’s more, on the off chance that you effectively own a business, selling on Instagram is an undeniable expansion to your showcasing system. 

Transforming your crowd into your clients likely could be a characteristic fit. Furthermore, with the ascent of internet business stages like Shopify, and print-on-request benefits like Printful, it’s inexorably easy to maintain an online business that conveys true items.

Step 1: Imagine your Product.

Models sell garments. Showcasing specialists sell online courses. Your item may be a characteristic, instinctive expansion of what’s happening effectively,  Meanwhile, model/influencer made their eponymous top of the line mark.