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Instagram becomes the most popular social app in the last few years. Just like Facebook, Instagram faces some issues due to its Users deactivate or remove forever their Instagram accounts. How to delete or disable your Instagram account.

In time 2018, several kinds of researches reported an issue in the Instagram security system in downloading data from Instagram. This directs to the dangerous leakage of users’ personal data from Instagram.

After seeing all these issues Instagram introduced a feature to improve their security system and to protect user’s personal data. The Instagram team did this to cool-up the user’s mind and relax them. Its team announces that there are only a few users private data is at risk and they also share user’s details about it. If you are a celebrity or some famous personality it is not unfair to share your personal data with peoples, as well as it helps you to interact with peoples and enhance your relationship with them, but no one would appreciate if any social app leaked your password. Moreover, some people do not want to share their personal life on social media so it’s like a threat to them.How to delete or disable your Instagram account

Another point, keep it in mind that Instagram default settings automatically tracking your location from the app, you can also turn it manually by going in settings. A majority of peoples who don’t know about these tracking features and also don’t know how to turn it off manually, Also it could be a silent danger for them, which could leak their personal data. So I suggest you before sharing your personal data on any social app, you should keep in mind these simple things that put you in danger in the future.

After hearing all these breaking news about Instagram security lots of peoples deactivate or delete their accounts as it was only for them to get out of danger. From that time, this thing continued. But now the question is not only about, why peoples delete or deactivate their Instagram accounts. People also want to know how to delete or deactivate the Instagram account. There could be very reasons for deleting and deactivating accounts. Some people think Instagram is a wastage of time, some have personal or family issues and many digital marketers want to take a break.

Deactivating your account from Instagram is an impermanent procedure which you can activate whenever you need to as per your will, yet while it is deactivated, your account and your profile, followers, photographs, likes, and remarks will be expelled and won’t show up on anybody’s profile they will be avoided them. If you want to restore all of this data and want to start using Instagram again. You simply log back to your previous account.

On the other side, If you are thinking to delete your Instagram account. So keep in mind that a deleted account cannot be recovered. When you delete your Instagram account all your personal data like photos, videos, story highlights will be deleted permanently from Instagram. In the future, if you tried to log in again with the same username you can’t log in to your Instagram account. So the suggestion is if you ever feel like you are bored from this app simply deactivate your account at least you can recover it in the future if need.

How to deactivate Instagram accounts.

If you are sick by using Instagram and want to deactivate your Instagram account. To deactivate your account, You can’t deactivate it directly from the app it can be only done by using the Instagram website. So dont be panic it’s not complicated. Just follow the given steps to deactivate your Instagram account, if you want to use your account you can simply use it by login back.How to delete or disable your Instagram account.

First, you will open the Instagram website and login to your personal account.

Second, you will tap on the edit profile and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Third, You will see disable my account option tap on it.

After all this procedure Instagram asks you ‘’why are you disabling your account’’

You have to click on down menu, At there you will see a list of reasons people choose to deactivate there account. Select any reason from the list. How to delete or disable your Instagram account

Congrats, your account has been deactivated from Instagram and hidden from other users, The users can’t see your profile until you log back in your account. It’s an Instagram policy that you can only deactivate your account ones a week. In case you are going on holiday and you want that nobody disturbs you, so you can put your account on sleep mode.

How to delete account on Instagram.

If you are afraid, that someone can steal your personal data or you don’t want to waste your precious time anymore on Instagram, And thinking to delete your account permanently. Just follow these simple steps to delete your account permanently from Instagram.

If you want to delete your account, you have to go on the Instagram official website.

First of all, open your Instagram account on the official website.

Second, you go to delete my account page.

Instagram asks ‘’what is the reason behind to delete your account’’ select any reason.

Then enter your current password, your account will be deleted permanently.

If you deleted your Instagram account your data will be erased permanently. To duck this issue, I suggest you download all your personal data like photos, videos, and others. 

For downloading, your data follow these simple steps.

First, go to your Instagram profile and select settings.

Next, tap on privacy and click on request download.

Then, enter your current email address your data will be downloaded.

You will receive an email with a link that is named s data download in 48 hours. Open it and your data will be downloaded. Always recover your data before deleting your account because your personal data can be very precious to you so save it on your computer or on some other hard drive.

Most peoples use cloud storage, which is a great service to store your personal and rough data as backup data. This service is more accurate to store data on a computer. 

Although, The disadvantage of cloud storage is that your encrypted password in the hands of your cloud provider while they can access your key to your personal whenever they want. To deal with the issue, you have to do one thing you will encrypt your personal data by yourself before upload it to cloud storage. By doing this you are the only one who can access your data. 

The internet provides you a number of free encryption programs and they are very easy to use. If you dont have an experience than your use encryption software that is very easy to use and it is compatible with your Pc or laptop. It is also compatible with your cloud storage provider.

How to reactive Instagram account if you deactivate it.

After deactivating your Instagram account, if you want to reactivate it you can, but if you have already deleted your account and thinking to use Instagram with your previous account that you have deleted you cant recover it. In order, you can only reactivate your account id deactivate it.  If you reactivating your account it means you have decided to go back on Instagram or come back with a new stylish look. Just follow these simple steps. It is very easy to reactivate your Instagram account, all you have to do is log in back to your Instagram account again. You just go to Instagram.com or you can also log in through the Instagram app. Now enter your username or password to recover your disabled account. Some times you forget your username or password, but dont worry you can recover by going in forget password and enter your mobile number after it code is sent to your phone enter it and you are in the Instagram world once again.

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