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How to Advertise on Instagram

In this age, billions of people are using Instagram. In social apps before Instagram, Facebook was the only platform to introduce your business and e-commerce to the audience out there but now the Instagram market place is getting better for our business outreach.Here is detailed discussion about how to advertise on instagram?

Details about How to Advertise on Instagram:

What is an Instagram advertisement?

Instagram ads are a process of paying to post sponsored content on their platform to reach a large and targeted audience.

They allow us to post our advertisement in the form of animations, images (a couple of images), videos, and infographics. People post their intro outro videos and short clips to describe their business notation (nature) and strategy that what their business is about and attach their contact information i.e. phone number, website, etc. Users of Instagram watch these advertisements in their feed or stories (status). There is a swipe option in stories when the user swipes, they land on their homepage or detail page from where he/she contacts them.

It is like Facebook, we just have to pay a little bit to outreach your post. 

Advertising on Instagram

Advertising on Instagram is one of the biggest opportunities for small business in 2020. Not only for small businesses also for other great brands or businesses.

Instagram is a good advertisement platform

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. There are 1 billion active users monthly on Instagram. According to stats, 90% of people follow one business account daily. Without a doubt, Instagram is an ideal marketing platform for brands and businesses.


Instagram is a good advertisement platform because of its great active audience. Facebook also does this but Instagram is a new technology and people like it more now, people getting bored of Facebook and start coming to Instagram. That’s why they have a large audience and a good platform for advertisement.


Why Instagram?

People come to Instagram to inspire and discover things they care about and that includes content from brands and businesses.


  • 15 Million+ business profiles worldwide
  • 1 million+ advertiser worldwide use Instagram to share their stories and business results
  • 60% of people say they discover new products on Instagram
  • 75% Instagrammers take action after being inspired by the post
  • 80% increase in time spent watching videos on Instagram
  •   ⅓ of the most viewed stories are from businesses

Entrepreneurship using Instagram

Entrepreneurs out there use this Instagram ads strategy to boost up their business for best sales and growth. Sounds amazing, if you have a low budget and want to run your business you can only have to run an ad campaign on Instagram which boosts your business 10x then local advertisement. Before these campaigns and strategies people used to print their flyers as a form of paper advertisement and distribute them in public places, handed out to individuals and posted through the mail. But in ad campaigns it is the opposite, you just have to post your content and Instagram shows it to the audience out there. Which is better than this old flyer strategy. This is quite a way to start or boost your business.


How to make successful marketing on Instagram

So, how to make successful marketing on Instagram? The first thing you may think about is the number of followers, but Instagram engagement is a much healthier metric to measure. In addition, Instagram Engagement is an important factor.  High engagement can make your post reach more users and have an exposure in the explore pages. High engagement can also make your followers trust you more.


What is Instagram Engagement?

Instagram Engagement refers to how your followers interact with your Instagram posts. It can be a “Like”, “Comment“ or “Save” on a post or a “View” on a video. It can be measured by the Instagram engagement rate.


How to calculate Instagram engagement rate

There are several ways to calculate the Instagram engagement rate. You can also use some tools like Instagram insights to track your engagement rate.


How to improve  Instagram engagement

Here are some tips to help improve Instagram engagement:



  • Target the right audience.


The right audience shares the same interest as you. Which means they love your content more.


  • Post consistently but not too often


New posts are more likely to show in your follower’s feed. Posting consistently is a very effective way to improve your engagement.


  • Post at the right time


Posting at the right time can make your content reach more users, which means a higher engagement rate.


  • Choosing the best hashtag


When you use the best hashtag, then your post will be shown to the audience following the hashtag you are using.


  • Try Instagram stories


Instagram stories are a new way for users to share pictures. Stories are shared with the followers at the top of the regular feed.


  • Use video Features


Video features on Instagram are of four types: video posts, stories, live streaming, and IGTV videos. Revenue of sponsored Instagram videos is 3x more than Instagram photos.


  • Be creative with Instagram AR Filter


AR filters have quickly become Instagram’s most powerful marketing tool. They can give you a lot of creativity and allow you to create more creative content to attract an audience and increase engagement.


  • Engaging caption


You can use 2200 characters with emojis and 30 hashtags. A Better engaging caption can generate more engagement.


  • Respond to comments


Comment is a kind of engagement. When you respond to comments, you can improve the engagement on your posts and can attract more people to engage with the post.


  • Ask questions


Questions are powerful. They encourage users to share ideas and help promote a sense of community. Asking questions can encourage your followers to engage and help increase engagement. It can also help you and your followers know one another on a deeper level.


  • Buy likes and comments


Another quick way to boost engagement without effort is to buy likes and comments. Buying Instagram comments can also save you the time effort of creating the type of content. Buying likes and comments when you buy followers can really help boost your visibility, exposure, and sales.


Cost of Instagram Advertisement

Cost of Instagram advertising is more than the cost of Facebook advertisement. Standard CPM is $6.70.

Costs are based on different factors. This is based on CPC (cost-per-click) and CPM (cost per impression) and prices are according to Instagram’s ad.


It is found that their average cost per click CPC ranges between $0.70-$0.80.


On the good side, advertisers have control over how their budgets are allocated. You can choose between a daily budget to limit the amount spent per day or set your ad for a length of time to run.



Instagram is a good fit for your audience. Engaging with users is the best way to increase your followers. Once you have followers, don’t stop engaging. Now you know all there is to know about Instagram marketing. Instagram is incredibly popular and won’t be slowing down anytime soon. If your business isn’t already on Instagram, or if your strategy needs a bit of refresh, now is the time to make it happen.